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Since 2010

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BeZZa, it is too good to be true..!

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera

Im glad and jealous, even though i ride my own Persona, i still say that Proton is not the only best option in choosing your dream local cars in Malaysia, did u know that Perodua is also the best choice. Why? Myvi is one of the favourite mini cars design that i love to ride on. Great design. No offense to proton. Even though i like Persona more than others car, its look like im gonna have new 'boyfriend' if this crazy cars come outs in Malaysia.
Behold, the Bezza, Perodua Bezza. Actually im not happy with the name, it should go with A and not B... u know.. A is better than B.. But Bezza is kinda awesome name when i think about it.
U so millenium, U should be car in Tron Legacy the movie, thats so awesome u know.
I wanna buy it. Yes i will have TWO 'BOYFRIEND' after 10 years. hehe. Insyallah!
Handsome design created originally from local Malaysian people. Who will dream it before. Yes im sure its is my next car. Haha.. (Im sorry Mr. Agul, i still love u , u know. ahaks)..haha

The interior design was so imaginative....I love it!.. about tuah, jebat, lekir, lekiu, and kasturi? i think i will think about it next time.. Right now...just dream u ride this car. I wanna try to drive it.. Its so cooL!

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