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Since 2010

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My old RICOH KR-5 Super.

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera

Just finished blogwalking. I find its hard to start using english again for so long time.. u see? very bad english..

actually, i ve found this old camera at my room.

This is the first SLR Camera that i had used in 1994 - 1999 .After 1999, i accidentally broke it. (Im truly feel very sorry to my aunty & my uncle who really still love their camera that time since they bought it at Japan maybe, cause i couldnt remember about it.. by themself)
Ricoh RK-5 Super was a very good SLR camera in that period. not a good user..huhu

I think if i can find somebody who can fix the whole thing of that would be great!...
And i can use it while im waiting to buy the DSLR Canon EOS Camera...(when will it happen? huhuhu)

So, i did clean it for a good reason ^_^
And...i take a pic with it..for a memory!

Full Stop!

p/s: sorry for using english with very bad grammar & vocab... well everybody need to train/learn u know..^_^


aLieF si Muncung ManiS said...

kalau dah beli dslr yg baru nnti,yg lama ni bagi kat alief k..nnti alief baiki..hehehe..

Fatin Sakura said...

wah, alief pandai baiki slr camera kew..hehehe..boleh jgak

Quzie Fathihah said...

awak, sila baca entri ni...tindakan dan sokongan awak diperlukan...hehehe

FurBall said...

wah...kalu ko dah ada kamera baru...sila tangkap gambar aku byk2 n letak dalam blog ko..ahahaha...bila nyo nak wat event..grrrr...nak exam dah nih..ahaks